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Millions of people all over the globe prefer intellectual entertainment to any other kind of leisure. If you are fond of sophisticated challenges and logical puzzles, the legendary Japanese game of Sudoku will bring you into the magnificent world of intellectual fun.

Getting Started with Sudoku Online

If the game has already become your favorite hobby, try solving an online logical puzzle – just for a change. Online games are much more convenient than puzzles on traditional paper, and besides, you can get any number of unique grids and have tons of fun. Be it a spare minute during a tiring workday or a quiet evening at home, the time you pass by solving famous logical riddles will be both useful for the mind and relaxing.

In order to get started with Sudoku online, you’ll need a computer with Internet and some free time. The rules are very simple, and one doesn’t have to memorize complicated rules to actually play the game. The player places numbers from 1 to 9 into empty slots in the game box, and the Sudoku puzzles are solved when each row, column, and grid has the whole set of numbers (1-9) without repetitions. Generally, these puzzles have only one possible solution. Take your time and enjoy the intellectual riddle that has already become a legend!

All Kinds of Sudoku Puzzles to Solve

Traditionally, a Sudoku grid (or box) has three rows and three columns, providing a space of 9×9 number slots. But the game pattern is universal, and it can be applied to any logical riddle with the same idea. You can choose the most suitable pattern for you among the 6×6, 8×8, 9×9, 10×10, 12×12, 16×16 variants of the puzzle. Start with the easiest riddles to get experienced, and proceed to the stage of mastery!

Beside the variation described, there is another classification of free Sudoku riddles. Though the game may seem unchanging in complicacy, in reality, one can find numerous levels of difficulty within the system. To begin playing, masters of Sudoku recommend first choosing the “easy” level, and going on to the next stages when easy riddles start looking too simple. The “hard” difficulty games are so complicated that they are played mostly by people who adore serious intellectual challenges.

Free Sudoku for Beginners and Experienced Players

Here, you will find all kinds of the traditional Japanese logical puzzle. Start playing right now without registration, subscription or inconvenience, and enjoy the online game with no restrictions. Solving sophisticated Sudoku riddles is both a useful and fashionable hobby.